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“Getting Personal with Global Warming” is a communication concept with the aim of raising awareness about global warming. It’s intended for a mass audience and is discovered serendipitously, in the context of daily life —newspapers, city guides, message boards, online, etc. The tongue-in-cheek idea stems from a philosophical truth: The human fear of being alone outweighs the human fear of global warming.

That is, our individual sense of urgency to find a partner outweighs our populist sense of urgency to “save the Earth.” So, this concept addresses the quandary we find ourselves in, with the hope that its provocative nature will spark a new perspective on human nature and our role in the world—that yes, finding partnership is essential to our well-being, but that the well-being of our planet, now more than ever, determines the fate of our personal lives.

The ad is just the beginning; the dialogue that ensues is what sustains.


Happy New Years Everyone! Below is a list of our favorite resolutions pledged by our some really awesome PlantMyPhone fans.


OSURECYCLING : @PlantMyPhone Our #NewYearsResolution is to keep #OSUat the top of the pack in the Campus PlantMyPhone Challenge! 🙂

PEOPLETOWELS: RT @PlantMyPhone: What’s your #NewYearsResolution? We are going to pledge somethin’ pretty


Matthew Kish: I resolve to get married and have kids…Also to stop living for the second… thinking I’ll graduate to living for the day 😉


Krates: To smile whenever I’m frustrated.

Natsumi: To use cloth diapers 80% of the time.

Tomo (Natsumi’s 1 month old son): To sleep through the night.

Alexis: To be more tranquil, and to do more arts and crafts.

John: To get back into my Bowflex routine. Burn baby burn!

Happy New Years everyone and good luck with your resolutions! If you are in need of a great, easy and green resolution, just pledge to recycle your phone!

What do ya think? Dose it make you want to pledge to recycle your cell phone? Well, we think it is pretty snazzy and hope you feel the same.  If you make it your New Years Resolution to ‘pledge to recycle your cell phone’ we won’t mind one bit. To be honest, we’d  love it. Trees! Glorious trees!

Hello everyone, it is time to put on your reading glasses because you definitely want to check out this interview. Arash Bayatmakou is a MBA student at The University of San Francisco as well as the co-president of their Net Impact chapter. He’s a mover and a shaker with a travel bug in his pocket. Read on to find out why this is a pretty ideal combination.

As a world traveler I imagine you’ve had enough unique first-hand experiences you could write a book entitled, “A Timely Representation of Hither, Thither, and Yonder”. Where exactly have you lived and how many languages do you speak?

Arash: I grew up in 4 countries before the age of seven. I was born in Iran, then moved to France, Canada and finally settled in Berkeley, California for the reminder of my childhood. Thus, home is the Bay Area although I’ve always felt a sense of wanderlust and a desire to explore the world. I spent the last 5 years before doing my MBA working for an active travel company designing, leading and facilitating biking and hiking trips all over the world. I was able to live and work in Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, France, Norway, Spain, and Portugal and also travel to a handful of other countries during my free time. I take a lot of enjoyment in seeing the world, learning about new people, being exposed to different cultures and trying to learn as much as I can about these places.

I speak Farsi, Spanish, Italian and French.

My that IS a lot of traveling. How has this shaped the Arash of today and what influence has your travels had on your sentiment in regards to the current treatment of our planet?

Arash: I know it’s a cliche, but I think that being exposed to new places has really opened up my eyes and broadened my perspective on the world I live in. I think it’s easy for people to become so sucked into their own little world and forget about the bigger picture and the experiences of others in this increasingly connected planet of ours.

My experience going to other places, meeting people and learning about them has increased my awareness of my own existence and those around me and improved my understanding of the larger challenges facing everyone on this planet.

In the US, we have the luxury of living our lives largely unaffected by global challenges faced by so many others. We are engaged in 2 wars but few of us actually have had our lives significantly change or our living patterns affected by these multi-year conflicts. Therefore, I think the more we can expose ourselves to the rest of the world and engage with others around us, the more enriched our own lives will be and the better we can be as global citizens.

Speaking of global citizens and the future…let’s talk about MBA school. The relationship between sustainable development and business schools reminds me of an old rickety bridge. It is usually broken and under construction, but operates once in awhile. In order for a more durable bridge to be exist, it must be evident that these sustainable business practices can result in greater profits. How do you think the two can be successfully linked together and who has the most power to initiate and put emphasis on this focus shift?

Arash: I don’t think we’ll have a choice in linking these together as I think if we want to live on this planet, we are going to have to come up with some very creative and ambitious solutions to the environmental challenges we face. I think that those who do not see that connection or choose not to make it a priority are only creating an injustice for themselves, their families and their future generations.

So I think that while making that connection to greater profits is a just objective and one we should pursue aggressively, I think it will have to be a much  more integrated effort from people in all walks of society. We cannot look to just one element of society to provide us with inspiration or leadership; we have to instill these qualities in ourselves and force ourselves to act.

I know this sounds somewhat nebulous and idealistic, but it’s the sad reality that I think we are faced with. If we want a world to live in, we’re all going to have to make change. It can begin with students and the younger generations but it’s a paradigm shift that we all have to adopt in order to ensure our own survival.

As one of the Presidents for USFs Net Impact, you went to the 18th Annual Net Impact Conference- 2020: Vision for a Sustainable Decade. With 2,500 people in attendance from 129 schools representing a total of 14 countries- what trending topics really stood out to you and what do you think the title of the 28th Annual Net Impact Conference might be?

Arash: I was very inspired by the people I met at the conference. The topics that stood out to me were:

  • The increased consciousness in our waste stream and how we must move beyond just recycling and move towards a more aggressive product stewardship.
  • How the recession has resulted in an increased sense of community, and how people are finding solutions to problems and becoming more concerned with their local community (e.g. urban farming).
  • The necessity for businesses to adopt sustainability – not just a choice anymore.
28th Conference Title? Maybe, “Global Sustainability and Future-driven Development”.

You’ve done so much in the past 5 years, what are your next steps?

Arash: Next steps are to figure out how I can best combine my professional interest with my personal passion in sustainability to pursue an opportunity that will be fulfilling, challenging, inspiring and dynamic. It’s hard for me to think too far in the future so I like to have shorter-term goals of the next 1-2 years. Oh and to keep traveling to new places. I always want my age to be a lower number than the number of countries I’ve visited (I’m currently 29 and been to 36 countries).  🙂

The man has got me beat. I’ve only been to 16 countries. Thanks to Arash! It is great learn about one of our worlds future influencers. One day Arash will be on TV and people will wonder how one gets to be so game-changing and influential. We are the lucky ones that now know how it all started!

Last minute shopping is to be done and you are in the right place. Here are our last minute shopping suggestions for you all! Their green, crowd pleasing, useful, and ready for your credit card. The fact that they are lovely and wonderful gifts is a given.

1. Runa Amazonian Gift Basket: Organic and fair trade certified products. Includes 1 box of 25 Traditional Guayusa Infusers, 1painted red clay bowl, and 1 0.5fl oz bottle of Lemongrass Essential Oil. Did we mention the basket is hand woven by indigenous families in Ecuador??


2. Kids Konserve Lunch Box : Of course we had to mention our monthly Green Bean Grammy winners. They have waste free lunch kits. Need we say more? We’ll say this, use the coupon DEC25 this December and get 25% off any online purchase. Oh yeaaah!

3. Caught-Outside Photography : What better way to spread the environmental love than to give a picture of it? These photos are g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. landscape, flora, and lifestyle pictures. No big deal, but they have holiday pricing.

Welcome to our first Green Bean Grammy! Kids Konserve wins in our book for a few reasons. They are changing the lunch-eating game in the most stylish way by supplying us with their long-lasting, great for the environment, and incredibly well designed products! I mean when you have a product called ‘The Whimsy Snack Pack‘ you just can’t go wrong. If only Billy Madison had one of these.

Although it is pretty obvious as to why we’ve awarded Kids Konserve with this months Green Bean Grammy, we really admire a great initiative they have called The Waste Free Challenge for schools. This program supports community efforts to reduce waste. Whether you are interested in officially launching a waste-free challenge with your school or want your family to conduct its own challenge, below are the ways that Kids Konserve suggest you do it.

  • Share with the world your personal stories about what you are doing at school to reduce waste. Email Kids Konserve your story!
  • Check out these awesome Waste-Free Activity Ideas (our favorite is #3).
  • Sign-up for the Official Waste Free Challenge for your New Years Resolution! Be a partner school with Kids Konserve and be on their website! Enrollment also includes a sweet 20% discount for parents, or 20% will be paid back to your school.
  • Check out the Kids Konserve product catalog for great gift ideas!
  • Use their quick guide below to transform your lunch from disposable to reusable.

Conratulations to Kids Konserve for winning the 1st ever Green Bean Grammy! They sure do deserve it. Follow Kids Konserve on Twitter for updates on their fantastic products!

Google has added virtual trees to Google Earth.  80 million virtual trees planted.  Now only if they could spread the word about planting real trees and get 80 million real trees planted.  If everyone recycled their Android phone through us, we could get a really good start on that.

via TechCrunch